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Exchange 2007 and 2010 can't send email issues


Case 1: In a single-server Exchange 2007 setup you'll need to allow annonymous connections on your default receive connector. By default Exchange 2007 servers not running the Edge Transport role will only accept inbound smtp connections from Exchange Users (clients), Exchange Servers (other Exchange 2007 servers) and Exchange Legacy Servers (legacy Exchange 2003 & below servers). To allow annonymous smtp connections for your server, run the following management shell command:

Set-ReceiveConnector -Identity "Default <ServerName>" -PermissionGroups "AnonymousUsers"

As for not being able to send external email, have you configured a Send Connector? This is done through Organizational Configuration->Hub Transport->Send Connectors, or by using the management shell command New-SendConnector.

Case 2: You may need to add a send connector to your Exchange server.

In the Exchange Management Console, go to Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport. In the Action Panel choose: "New Send Connector"

Go through the Wizard. In the Address Space you have to choose "*" if you want to send email to every domain.

Case 3: You may need a send connector set up to send to *.

Case 4: It seems that Exchange 2007 does not automatically come with an external SMTP connector. This seems odd as I was able to send external email before setting up the connector to the exchange 2003 server but following the instructions below worked perfectly.

Case 5: If you receive this message: The following organization rejected your message: smtp125.sbc.mail.sp1.yahoo.com, you need to create a send connectors using your ISP SMTP server. Please follow this article to create a SMTP Relay using ISP SMTP server: How to create Send Connectors using ISP STMP Server

Case 6: The client has a problem to receive any emails. All users have the same issue. After study, we found their domain name expired. After renewing the domain name, it works again.

More cases can be found this post: 451 4.4.0 Primary target IP address issue n Exchange

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