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Exchange 2007 and 2010 can't receive email issues


Case 1: Someone installed smtp connector onto the server, after we removed the smtp service and restarted the Microsoft Exchange transport server all was ok again.


Case 2: It is port 25 issue. When we telnet port 25, it doesn't say fail to connect, but never display the server name. What we find is we have two hardware firewall before the LAN. After removing one of firewall, we can telnet the Exchange successfully and Exchange starts to receive outside emails.


Case 3: in our case, it is MX  record. Double check it using nslookup.


Case 4: the problem is DNS. Your DNS also needs to be properly registered with an MX record properly pointing to your external IP for the Exchange server.


Case 5: We had a similar issue. The problem is 3rd party SMTP gateway.


Case 6: DNS is our issue. We can telnet port 25 using IP but not name.


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Bob Lin Photography services

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