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RRAS Troubleshooting


Can't access the Internet over RRAS
Can't establish VPN because the RRAS misconfiguration

Can ping the RRAS server but other resources

Don't see the NAT in Windows 2008 RRAS
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Troubleshooting Windows RRAS Issues


Can't access the Internet over RRAS

Case 1: The clients setup the RRAS as default gateway can't access the Internet. The problem is the IP routing was disabled. Please refer to this page.

Routing how to

How to enable ip routing/forwarding on Win2k How to open Cisco PIX 515 firewall ports ... For example, the Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) IP protocol ...


Case 2: The clients behind the RRAS running on Windows 2008 can't access the Internet. The IP routing has been enabled. We found the NAT is not enabled. Please refer to Don't see the NAT in Windows 2008 RRAS


Don't see the NAT in Windows 2008 RRAS


The client can't access the Internet because the RRAS doesn't have the NAT enabled. When we click IPv4 under RRAS, you don't see the NAT. It seems to us that the client was setup VPN only without NAT enabled. To enable the NAT on windows 2088, remove the RRAS configuration and re-install it by selecting VPN and NAT.

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