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Remote Desktop Disconnected

Connection to the remote computer was broken caused by network error

Q: I want to use Remote Desktop from a VPN Connection.
With WXP SP1 and SP2 I get "Remote Desktop Disconnected. Connection to the
remote computer was broken caused by network error"
Same connection point with same configurationworks with a W2K SP4 PC.
I am using a simple PPTP with a Typical password validation.

Is there a patch are known problem with this.


A: This error is very common in RDC over VPN.  There are some resolutions you may try.

1.    The typical cause is a poor network connection.  You may just re-try it.

2.    If there is a router between the connections, you may want to upgrade the router.

3.    If the Remote Desktop screen comes up black and then you receive this error, you may need test and modify the MTU.

These links may help,

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