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You can ping any web sites but not access them

Situation: 1. You can ping any web sites but not access them.

2. You can download Anti-virus definition.

3. The internet email works fine.

4. 2. From the server I can access any LAN resources, but no one can access the server using IP or hostname (I used to be able to remote access using Remote Desktop and map shared drives).

5. Tried different NICs wireless and wired. But not different.

6. 6. Other computers in the LAN donít have this issue.

7. I have post the hijackthis log and people say it is clear.

8. If I reboot it from the Safe mode, I can access the web site.

Possible causes and resolutions: 1. The firewall blocks the traffic.

2. Check the IPSec configuration or disable it for the test.

3. Re-apply SP1 and do Windows repair.

4. Check other security software, for example Cisco VPN client.

5. It could be the Proxy server issue. please refer to this page: Can ping web site but access.

6. Upgrade Flash Player.

7. Delete temp and cookies.

Please refer to this page:

How to reset IE

8. Reset Internet Browser. Please refer to this page:

How to reset IE

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