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Windows & Network Troubleshooting Tips and new posts

Task Manager can't end a program Find winword.exe. End the process here.

ADFS doesn't work because the certificate needs renew Also try these suggestions

Office 365 email migration failed without details Added the admin account with permissions over the exchange server.

Can't print with access denied The printer is using the same IP address

Veeam Unable to create snapshot We find the RAID Controller battery need to replace

Dell: W1228 RAID Controller battery capacity < 24hr This warning predicatively that the RAID battery has less than 24 hours of charge left

ADFS doesn't work with Event ID 6110 and 6803 - Resolution with screenshots Updated the certificates ADFS 2.0 server and update the Federation Metadata.

Both host and VM are running very slow on Dell server We find the RAID controller battery needs to replace

Directory Synchronization troubleshooter web tool Azure Active Directory identity synchronization tools

Can't access ADFS server when login Office 365 - Resolution with screenshots Restarting both servers fix the problem.

Encountered error during federation passive request. restart ADFS services on both servers fixes the problem.

Veeam Failed to prepare guests for volume snapshot  - Resolution with screenshots Uncheck "Enable application-aware processing"

Veeam Unable to create snapshot (Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0) - Resolution with screenshots increase the shadow storage area

ICS doesn't work He should enable NIC2 which is one connecting to the Internet.

Can't start Ascentis Listen service Changing to C:\\Program Files\ fixes the problem.

Troubleshooting the task scheduler returns (0x1) code Try to enabled "Run with highest privileges.

Unable to install Printer with error 0x000003eb Delete all the files and folder out of these two location.

Can't access DC using RDP the network sharing is disabled

Renewing Exchange 2007 SSL receives “PrivateKeyMissing” Supply values for the following parameters:

Office 365 migration: AutoDiscoverFailedConfigurationError Run the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer to check the autodivocer is properly setup.

Outlook freezes or disconnect Reset mail profile.

Can't right click and send email to Junk folder

Unsupported source recipient type (Mailuser) Make sure don't assign the Office 365 license to the user until completing the migration.

Articles of Troubleshooting Office 365 issues Also attached the latest power-shell commands

Office 365:Can't send email with Service unavailable message Initially the IP address might be listed with spamhaus block list

Windows 2012 Essentials Anywhere access doesn't work after replacing xfinity modem - Resolution with screenshots They need to configure port forwarding to allow port 443 pass through or setup DMZ point to the router

Click Mailto opening Chrome instead of Outlook - Resolution with screenshots check Make Outlook the default program for mail, Contact, and Calendar.

Wildcard certificate doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots We find the SSL is the server name instead of *.domain.com.

Can't set port range on Windows 2008 Firewall - Resolution with screenshots By design, you can't add port range on the Windows 2008 Firewall.

Access denied when adding a printer in Windows 2008 - Resolution with screenshots Right click on Add printer and select Run as administrator.

No way to select Tray in network printer - Resolution with screenshots With Word open, go to Page Setup or Preference.

Can't access https://a01.ugwdevice.net after install firewall SonicWall GEO-Filter blocks accessing all foreign countries.

Requires user account specified has Logon as batch job right You may need to assign Log on as batch job rights to the user

Computer can't connect to remote computer because RD Gateway your server name defaulted to a local computer name or local FQDN is different from externally or the Internet FQDN

Macro error messages when you start Word It could be Adobe add-ins

Veeam client error: failed to send command The issue is the file is in use by another process

Veeam Console version is not compatible with HvIntergration please patch to the latest version

Veeam Client error: ChannelError: ConnectionReset this is network connection issue.

Puncher doesn't work on Canon Printer - Resolution with screenshots Go to Printer References>Finishing. Make sure the Hole Punch is selected

Print test never print and it stays in the queue forever WE fixes it by run Canon printer software that update the driver.

Computer gets blue screen every morning

Veeam backup problem: Guest processing skipped Install latest Integrate service on Windows 2008 VM.

Windows 2008 losses iSCSI drive after restart sc \\computer_name config LanManServer depend= Samss/Srv/MSiSCSI

Problem to set Multi-path on Windows 2008 Run iSCSI initiator first and add the iSCSI Device IP and configure it

Can't see USB drive the USB drive is using the same drive with other drive,

Why can't I find the 8.1 update in the Store? The simple solution could be installing Windows update

Task Scheduler Result 0x10 and return code 16 We find the problem is the pass is incorrect

Event ID 33919 - The automated credentials test failed for the following server or servers - Resolution with screenshots Delete it or assign permissions to the user.

Task Scheduler Result 0x10 and return code 16 We find the problem is the pass is incorrect

Backup in Fatpipe WARP is grayed out the second user may not be able to run some features

Fatpipe WARP clear ARP is grayed out Have the first login user do it or have him logoff.

Access denied when adding a printer - Resolution with screenshots You need to Run as Administrator when adding a printer in Windows 2008.

Your Microsoft Access database or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file - Resolution with screenshots Press ALT+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor.

Displayport to 2nd monitor doesn't work Try to install the latest BIOS.

Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action - Resolution with screenshots the problem is the Microsoft Office is not active

Email doesn't work after adding a new Internet connection FatPipe Warp - Resolution with screenshots the Mail rule was setup Interface Specific in Traffic Priority and WAN1 is off

Can't remote into LAN because two gateways in a network Configure the gateway as Bridge Mode

Can't delete or format Backup Exec storage Go to Disk Manager to turn it offline.

Troubleshooting Xampp issues sc delete apache2.4

Event ID 40961 and 153 After we formatted the disk, we can run the Backup exec and no more errors.

Can't print after a power outage We fix it by re-installing the printer driver.

3rd PC can't connect TS because of firewall max connections

Backup is grayed out on Symantec Backup Exec 2014 - Resolution with screenshots You need to click on the Server name in All Servers.

After installation of the SEP, unable to network Unable to run scm _stop command

Can't access remote server randomly problem is RdpGuard

Can't join domain because of DNS we fix the problem by adding the DNS manually.

SonicWall RADIUS Communication Error - Resolution with screenshots The problem is they didn't put the correct Shared Secret in Settings

RADIUS users can't establish VPN on SonicaWall - Resolution with screenshots

Can't migrate mailbox to Office 365 because of autodiscover - Resolution with screenshots

Still see shared name even the drive has been removed - Resolution with screenshots go to System Tools>Shared Folders>Shares. Right click on the shared name

RDP: Please wait for the User Profile Service - Resolution with screenshots Download and install Microsoft hotfix

Can't access the Internet because of Ip address changing the IP address fixes the problem

Lost file shares on iSCSI devices after rebooting the server Make the Server service dependent on the iSCSI Initiator service

SEP Manager Console push installation doesn't work customer was asking for reports but unable to find the reports

SEP log for troubleshooting ROLLBACK.log (if rolled back during migration)

Vista ping General Failure change the IP address on my computer

NIC or NIC teaming issue on Dell Windows 2012 R2 upgrade the NIC driver and computer firmware. Then reboot.

SEP Trail License has expired - Resolution with screenshots convert it to managed client

DCDIAG /test:DNS has a failure on Windows 2003 DC - Resolution with screenshots

The user account does not have permission to run this task The task's "author" is "domain admins".

Can't access remote computer over xfinity modem - Resolution with screenshots uncheck Block peer-to-peer applications

Transferring data between LAN and Azure is slow it may be the normal situation

The volume you have selected may not be extended - Resolution with screenshots You cannot extend a Windows 2003 OS partition when it's running

Active Directory Naming Information Could Not Be Located My resolution is add the user o local computer administrators

Outlook is low because of Date/Time is later than 10 years- Resolution with screenshots Don't create appointment Recurrence more than 3 years

Outlook is slow because of too many items - Resolution with screenshots Make sure there are less than 5000 items in Inbox, Sent Items

Don't see Security tab in Active Directory Users and Computers - Resolution with screenshots you need to enable Advanced Features.

Can't access ADFS with this message: "There was a problem accessing the site" - Resolution with screenshots Install Microsoft update.

VMM 2008 R2 error 2921 change the VMM Server Service account from a domain account to Local System

Computer logoff automatically with Event ID 26 Change “idle session limit” setting to “never”

see some folders OneDrive for Business It is a normal behavior

Problem to install OneDrive for business I fixed the problem by uninstalling personal OneDrive and installing OneDrive for Business

Can't uninstall SEP v11 Disable SEP services and reboot. Then uninstall it.

SEP V12 start problem select Last Known Good Configuration to start the computer

Fix Google Chrome Blank page problem remove and then re-install Chrome.

No more threads can be created in the system (164) - Resolution with screenshots The Event log service is stopping and can't restart. Reboot the server.

Can't access the remote computer after disjoining a domain - Resolution with screenshots Enabling Remote Desktop Connection on the Public network fixes the problem.

Can't telnet port 81 for sync service You may need to run syncserver.exe /o port #.

Windows 2008 Backup doesn't backup to network drive Using the command line as shown below

Problem to convert Windows 2000 VM to Windows 2003 We had a similar case

Can't convert Windows 2000 to a VM What we made it work is using NTBackup.

SEP daily scan takes long time to complete - Resolution with screenshots Disabling the Run an Active Scan when new definitions arrive fixes the problem

windows 2008 Backup doesn't read the ntbackup file You can download Windows NT Backup

UPnP is not enabled on the router in Windows 2012 Essentials - Resolution with screenshots Go to your router to enable UPnP

Anywhere Access to your server is blocked in Windows 2012 Essentials - Resolution with screenshots Setup port 443 forwarding to the Windows 2012 essentials manually

P2v using VMM 2008 R2 gets this warning: 13210 and 13222 this problem can occur if a certain registry setting has been changed from the default value on the P2V Source machine

Can't convert windows 2000 P2V with 80040154 apply Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 Sp4

Can't delete a open file - Resolution with screenshots Navigate to System Tools>Shared Folders>Open Files

Can't upgrade Windows VM because of Microsoft Hyper-V SCSI Controller - Resolution with screenshots You need to remove SCSI Controller in Hyper-V VM settings

Can't delete and create gateway in Azure Site to Site VPN - Resolution with screenshots uncheck the Use ExpressRoute.

Azure Site to Site VPN doesn't talk to each other - Resolution with screenshots The Cisco ASA doesn't support dynamic routing

Home network keeps losing connection The resolution is remove US Robotic Router and WiFi router from the system and keep AT&T modem only.

Blue stop 0000007B on a Virtual Machine - Resolution with screenshots  the problem is the VM is enable snapshot

VMM Error 3148:  \\?\Volume is not accessible - Resolution with screenshots Uncheck \\?\volume on the Volume Configuration as shown below

EVENT ID 12317 MESSAGE File Server Resource Manager failed add NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users to BUILTIN\Users group

VMM error: ID 3128 Details (Unknown error 0x80041001) Download and install the following hotfixes on the Windows 2000 SP4 source computer:

Can't start Windows run Last known good configuration.

attach vhd is grayed out in Windows 2012 R2 Try these command: diskpart

Windows 2003 DC problem because of low space We find the DC has only 1.5GB free spaces

"Not enough storage is available to process this command" someone have demoted the DC to a member server

Oncontact: could not load file or assembly localizedstring We fixed the problem by running system restore.

Firefox problem after installing Symantec Endpoint Protection  Upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection.

Some websites don't work on Windows 2012 R2 Server You may want to disable IE ESC for administrator account on Server Manager>Local Server.

Features of Symantec Endpoint Manager console don't work IE ESC is on.

Windows 2012 R2 Network doesn't show any network computers - Resolution with screenshots Network discovery and file sharing are turn of

VMM Error (2921) Ensure that the path is valid and VMM has the appropriate rights to perform this action.

Can't login Office 365 Verify that the Federation Service is running on the remote host.

Symantec endpoint doesn't update definition - Resolution with screenshots They need to upgrade to V12.

0xe00084c7 - A backup storage read/write error has occurred In other case, we need to format the drive.

Teams is grayed out Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 4 - Resolution with screenshots Make sure to install BASP

Data transfer is slow on Dell R720 running windows 2012 R2 It is recommended to use robcopy to transfer large data.

VM on Hyper-V runs very slow it is VMQ.

Failed to add a host to VMM with error 2927 Check that WinRM is installed and running on server

Outlook slow because of Lync and OneDrive Disable or enable Cached Exchange Mode

Can't login administrator account on FatPipe WARP The Administrator username is case-sensitive.

Outlook Error 0x80070005-00000000-00000000 The cause is the address book in Outlook isn't updated

Non-delivery reports (NDRs) codes and possible causes Make sure that you have sufficient disk storage

Hyper-v Guest VM Black Screen You could try attaching the VHD to a new VM

Access is denied when shadowing a remote session with multiple monitors enabled - Resolution with screenshots checkbox "Use all my monitors for the remote session"

Access is denied when trying Remote Control Session in Windows 2008 R2 - Resolution with screenshots  It could be the problem is the remote session has multiple monitors enabled

A New Created User can't login SonicWall - Resolution with screenshots You need to enable HTTPS login.

Can't edit document in SharePoint online - Resolution with screenshots

SonicWall Firewall behind Cisco ASA Failover problem 2 - Resolution with screenshots all computer behind it should setup ASA inside IP address as default gateway

SonicWall Firewall behind Cisco ASA Failover problem 1 - Resolution with screenshots The resolution is connecting all switches to the SonicWall only. Make the SonicWall as bridge.

Login Office 365 timeout Add the Office 365 and ADFS proxy server to the security site.

Symantec Backup Exec error: 0xe0008516

ScreenBean connect failed - Resolution with screenshots It is MacAfee antyVirus.

Can't open an application with access is denied error select run as administrator.

Canon Printer Puncher doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots go to Printing Preference to enable Hole Punch

Canon printer setup 1-sided printing but print 2 sides - Resolution with screenshots change the default settings from 2-sided printing to 1-side printing

Printer not found on server - Resolution with screenshots We find the client changed their printer description

Unable to connect to the printer - Resolution with screenshots After changing the printer name, the user can't print.

Fixing TS/RDC printing issues installing ThinPrint.

Can't add user to group after Exchange Migration You must add the user to the group on your Exchange server or Active Directory

GoToMeeting window cannot display full screen GoToMeeting Version 6.4 or may fix the problem too.

Outlook 2010 keeps prompting for credentials In other case, we need to repair outlook to fix the problem.

The Thinprint output appears with a different font

Scheduler code 0x41301 If we run the same command manually,

Don't see details in Outlook Calendar - Resolution with screenshots  Click Month under View

Can't type or enter is incorrect on PDF document Upgrade Adobe Reader.

Undeliverable: DSN code 5.7.1 Large messages can’t be sent to the group

Don't see profile in Office 365 after creating on SharePoint this user profile data will be unique to SharePoint Online.

Message wasn't delivered because there are too many recipient

Security website keeps prompting for the credentials If it is forum, it could be autocomplete setting issue.

Forum keeps popup for the credentials Make sure Forms is checked.

The shadow copy provider had an unexpected error while trying to process the specified operation - Resolution with screenshots

Unable to create snapshot (Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0) (mode: Crash consistent) - - Resolution with screenshots

Dell: W1228 RAID Controller battery capacity < 24hr You may replace the RAID battery.

Outlook cannot access the specified folder location 1) restart Outlook; 2) force to sync. 3) disable Exchange Cash mode and re-enable it.

Outlook: There is not enough free memory to run this program In such situation you need to edit the ‘SharedMemMaxSize’.

Resolutions of computer lost network connection The NIC status shows yellow Exclamation mark.

Access network only but no Internet The only way to fox it is assign statics IP address.

Oncontact Outlook Error: An error occurred in this application - Resolution with screenshots  Copy the image003 to the folder and restart the Outlook

Auto reply rule doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots Also make sure no other rules conflict with this auto reply rule.

I can't figure out where to setup email forwarding You can use these Windows Azure powershell command lines to check the forwarding settings

Event Id: 372 Source: PrintService Print Locally Error On the Terminal Server locate the Printers folder.

Can't login via rdp and netstat doesn't list the port 3389 Make sure not firewall blocking the rdp.

Don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation Search the registry for all occurrences of the key "PSTDisableGrow" and change the values to zero

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 doesn't work Make sure you charged it.

Backup Exec error: "The directory is invalid" Disable to anti-virus for a test.

Custom VM in Azure stuck in provisioning mode The provisioning of the second VM server may take a couple hours.

Outlook doesn't see the modified mail contact

Internet doesn't work because of ARP Please follow this page to clear ARP on Fatpipe

Backup Exec error: 0xe0008488 - Access is denied. Make sure that anti-virus is not attempting to scan the file

0xe00084c7 - A backup storage read/write error has occurred The backup storage device has failed

ActiveSync performance is very slow make sure your mailbox settings are downloading full items

Outlook download headers only is not available If you use Outlook at home, you may not have this option

We installed a harmful software on our VM the safest way forward would be to delete the VM but keep the data disc

Event ID 517: There was a failure in creating a directory Try to install the hotfix for Windows Server 2012 R2: KB2919355

Email staying in the Outbox because of Cashed Exchange Mode On the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive, and then click Send All

Can't turn on Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook This functionality may be disabled by policy.

We get the file name is invalid or too long n SharePoint some characters like # are reserved in SharePoint

Can't sync between server and SharePoint Syncing can only be done down to a local hard drive not a server.

Account isn't associated with this Office product it looks like you got logged out of Office

Problem using Outlook Anywhere in office 365 Using the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer,

Can't send email after migrating to Office 365 disable McAfee for a test or install the update

Troubleshooting mail flow using message trace in Office 365- Resolution with screenshots Select Date range, Delivery status, Sender or/and Recipient.

Can't sign in to Lync - Resolution with screenshots We create CNAME lyncdiscover pointing to webdir.online.lync.com.

HP printer error: 49.4C02 service error - Resolution with screenshots  restart the printer

Can't map network drive because of group policy Running gpresult

Cltr-Alt-Delete doesn't work in Azure VM Try Ctrl-Alt-End

Failed to load virtual machine templates in tenant portal Log on to management portal for tenants, and sync the plan that has the template that was having trouble.

Can't access Azure VM using Remote Desktop The remote server is turned off.

Outlook loading profile forever  - Resolution with screenshots Restart the computer and install the update.

Popup for using temporary file whenever I start Outlook Try to re-created the outlook profile.

Hop count exceeded - possible mail loop they change the DNS MX pointing to Office 365

IE password issue try compatibility view.

Outlook 2010 Keeps popup for the credentials after migration Try to re-create a new Outlook Profile.

You can not set a Password error in Office 365 migration delete Password, and Pa$$w0rd from the csv batch file.

Keeps losing the remote session Access to the client's computer and run consist ant ping

Unable to update this object in Microsoft Online Services

Outlook Local Archive disappears after migration - Resolution with screenshots The problem is we need to enable Download shared folder in Account Settings

Message could not be sent with 80070005 Add the second user mail account to the Outlook instead of assigning full permissions

Unable to update this object in Microsoft Online Services A synchronized object with the same proxy address already exists in your Microsoft Online Services directory

National Wide software doesn't work Restart the service.

Outlook rules don't work because of other rule's error there are many other rules with errors

User can't view all others' Calendars after migration Run Outlook repair.

Outlook Rule doesn't work because it is not enabled - Resolution with screenshots After we review the setting, we find it is not enabled.

Canon C7055 printer shows receiving, but never print out

Summary of DirSync Problems - Resolution with screenshots  force to run DirSync.

Isass.exe – System Error Reboot to safe mode

Unable to sign-in Lync client Internal and external Lync Online DNS Record missing.

This message could not be sent with 0x80070005    the user was sending email using another user's mailbox because she has full permission

Migration finished but the mailbox doesn't move to Office - Resolution with screenshots delete the group3 batch before we can do this batch again.

Resolutions of computer lost network connection Remove the NIC and re--install it

Email stays in the Outbox folder forever Re-create Outlook Profile.

Can't migrate mailboxes in one of domains Get valid 3rd party Certificate for the affected domain

Keep getting username or password incorrect when login The default login domain is chicagotech.net for all users

office 365 desktop setup failed Login a domain admin account and install the update.

Office 365 migration: AutoDiscoverFailedConfigurationError Then change the default mailbox back to the second domain

Office 365 Desktop Setup gives incorrect Office version The computer was upgraded from office 2007 to Office 2010.

EMU can't access public folder on-premise exchange What we did is having EMU login OWA using an mailbox user account.

Problem to assign permission to other user in Office 365    By design, the DirSync runs every 3 hours.

One user's email is forwarded to another user automatically    The problem is the user has a rule setup to forward the email.

How to remove all viruses from your computer re-installing the OS is faster than removing the virus

Can't view some users' calendars after migration They can't view mailbox users' calendars until you move them to the office 365.

Don't see his old emails in Office 365 OWA after migration  You also need to remove old profile and create a new profile on Outlook.

Can't delete users in Office 365 - Resolution with screenshots  If you are using DirSync, you must delete the user from your Active Directory.

Outlook 2010 in cloud keeps prompting for credentials You will need to run Windows Update to install the following update in order to connect Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 to Exchange Online

SetSPN -F -Q gets Unknown parameter -Q

Windows 2008 backup has failed with Event ID 517 I found it is permission issue.

Can't send email because of GFI license. GFI MailEssentials is licensed has been exceeded.

Active Directory problem because of low spaces - Resolution with screenshots Free more spaces

Remote Desktop client can't see the local drive check if we can access local drive by using address \\tsclient\[drive letter]

Can't access old emails after migrating to office 365 - Resolution with screenshots If the migration failed, you should not converted the mailbox to EMS.

Don't receive Backup Exec Notification - Resolution with screenshots He also needs to configure "Assign recipients to alert categories".

Office 365 migration failed without details - Resolution with screenshots

SonicWall Global VPN Client connection status changes to Disabled - Resolution with screenshots because the SonicWALL administrator did not assign any VPN access network(s) to the user

SonicWall VPN error: XAuth failed and User authentication has failed - Resolution with screenshots Uncheck Require valid certificate from server under user settings.

Can't login ADFS server using IE - Resolution with screenshots Switch the order of Integrated and Forms based.

Lose connecting to VMware after adding a new NIC - Resolution with screenshots

This user doesn't have an Exchange mailbox - Resolution with screenshots we find the Exchange Online Plan 1 is uncheck

One of the file paths specified for backup is under a repair Try to run disk cleanup

PS1 is not digitally signed - Resolution with screenshots Right clicking the .PS1 file, select Properties and choosing Unblock.

The identifier name cannot be processed due to the inability - Resolution with screenshots Make sure you select correct Authentication and Mailbox Permission.

Office 365 domain shows Possible service issues - Resolution with screenshots You also need to create MX and SPF records

Backup Exec Devices show low disk space - Resolution with screenshots Right click on the folder and click Pause. Then uncheck the Pause.

Event ID 517: There was a failure in creating a directory

Can't login ADFS: 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials - Resolution with screenshots Edit the web.config file on each server in the AD FS federation server farm1

SetSPN -F -Q Unknown parameter -Q SetSPN -F -Q host/adfssvr.mydomain.com

Some roaming profile has v2.v2. Why? When you add the TS user profile path, you don't need to give .v2

Event ID 1521: can't locate server copy of roaming profile Security group of users needing to put data on share

There was a problem with your roaming profile - Resolution with screenshots

Internet Explorer has stopped working. Some Video drivers may cause this problem. Disable any suspected graphical drive.

Export SSL PFX format is grayed out - Resolution with screenshots check Yes, export the private key.

Troubleshoot duplicate email Run Outlook repairing.

Imported wildcard SSL doesn't work- Resolution with screenshots The client import the wildcard SSL to Certificate, but he needs to import SSL to the IIS.

Install AD FS 2 on windows 2008 r2 error You need to install AD FS on the Role instead of download it.

VMM error 2901: parameter is incorrect (0x80070057) I have Windows 2008 r2 Standard running two VMs. I need to shutdown one of them to run P2V.

VMM Error 13249: P2V a DC is not recommended Online physical-to-virtual conversion of a domain controller is not recommended

After closing excplorer.exe, you can't run any program from Start - Resolution with screenshots Click File>New Task (Run).

Microsoft office spelling doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots Some possible settings and resolutions.

StartTech USB2VGAE2 problem It works, after installing the drive.

Word 2013 Spelling doesn't work - Resolution with screenshots Locate the folder containing the custom dictionary you want, and then double-click the dictionary file.

Backup System?State: A failure occurred accessing the object It could be space issue

Event ID 34113: The job failed with the following error: The backup storage device has failed - Resolution with screenshots

Event ID 33808: An error occurred while processing a B2D command. Drive: ReadMTFData() ReadFile failed. Error=1450  - Resolution with screenshots

Event ID 57665: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service - Resolution with screenshots

Final error: 0xe00084c8 – The backup storage device has failed - Resolution with screenshots

Veeam: Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution We find the client is running free ESXi (also known as vSphere Hypervisor).

An Application error has occurred when downloading Dell DVD The Dell OptiPlex 7010 Recovery DVD has built-in software keys so that Dell doesn't allow download it from the website.

Client host rejected: #5.7.1 smtp;554 5.7.1 554 is usually due to bad reverse DNS or possibly blacklisting.

Missing AAAA record at DNS server This warning means that the IPv6 address for the server

Exchange 2007 mailbox database issues When some new data is going to be wrote on this database, these White Space will be used firstly.

The Autodiscover SRV record wasn't found in DNS This issue is possibly caused by missing SRV record on the public DNS server

Exchange test passed one, but failed on three There are four methods for reaching AutoDiscover as the Web Tool tests, if one of them works, it will work.

SSL certificate failed certificate validation checks Set the Certificate Principal Name for external autodiscover using the command below

Exchange: HTTP 403 forbidden response was received Enable the Form Based Authentication.

Encrypted connection to mail server isn't available As we success accessing Autodiscover using the SRV record, we do not use the certificate for connection

Veeam: network path was not found Make sure the firewall doesn't block the Veeam. (disable it for testing).

Exchange test passed one, but failed on three There are four methods for reaching AutoDiscover as the Web Tool tests, if one of them works, it will work.

Undeliverable #5.7.1 I would like to suggest you add DNS records of yourdomain.net

server has IP addresses with conflicting site associations We find the DNS\DC was setup as Primary DNS.

Can't delete log file name robocopy empty_dir the_dir_to_delete /s /mir

The publisher of this program couldn't be verified If that doesn't work, try compatibility view.

Unsupported memory configuration DIMM mismatche slots detect All memory on the same channel must be the same

Autodiscover error code 600 There was a miss configuration on the firewall

After moving the VMware host, it can't start The VMware host was boot from USB drive.

Difficulty to setup office 365 Make sure you have setup autodiscover correctly.

Insufficient system resources to complete requested service Locate and then click the following registry subkey

Command to Troubleshoot DFS problems    Replicated Folder name and state

0xe00084c8 - The backup storage device has failed Properly disconnect and reconnect the USB drive to a different verified USB 2.0 port on the media server system.

0xe00084f4 - uknown error A selection on device was skipped I ran another live-update this morning and there were some new updates available,

Backup Exec job fails with the error "0xe00084f4 To resolve this issue always run Backup Exec Device and Media service under a Domain Admin account.

Error:9036(0x234c) Paused for backup or restore Install the hotfix 975928 and 968429 on the two DFS servers.

Windows 7 64 bit has a problem to print Resolution is install Printer software on the Windows 7 computer

Windows 7 64 bit can't print to HP printer I created LPT1 port first and then add IP port to remap the network printer

RDP session doesn't have sound - Resolution with screenshots Enable Play on this computer.

The system cannot find the path specified. (0x80070003) - Resolution with screenshots The hard disk was crashed.

Adobe Flash Player doesn't show the installation option - Resolution with screenshots Disable IE Enhanced Security

Event ID 11722: There is a problem with Windows Installer

Installation of VMware vCenter Sign-on failed with error 1722. - Resolution with screenshots You can't install VMware 5.5 SSO on Windows 7

Outlook 2010 can not connect to the new Exchange 2013 It is IE Proxy settings issue

SCCM Instillation Error: BITS Installed and BITS enabled - Resolution with screenshots navigate to Features>Background Intelligent Transfer Services (BITS).

SCCM Instillation Error: Microsoft RDC library registered - Resolution with screenshots navigate to Features>Remote Differential Compression

All users have a problem to lunch Citrix application Check the license status.

Most users can access the Citrix but none of new users can if data store down in Citrix, all existing users can access,

Don't see any computers in the SCCM Computer Management You need to click Update Collection membership

Can't access web server because incorrect IP address. - Resolution with screenshots Running ipconfig flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns on the web server fix the problem.

Citrix XenApp 7.5: Cannot connect to the server due to a certificate error- Resolution with screenshots Buy and install a certification from third party.

XenApp Server Configuration failed with -2068643838 error - Resolution with screenshots make sure you don't have the SQL server running on the same server.

Remote Desktop Services Role failed when installing Xenapp - Resolution with screenshots

Desktop Experience Role failed when installing Xenapp - Resolution with screenshots

Can't run an Application on Citrix Xenapp the server lost the trust to the domain.

Can't ping hostname  - Resolution with screenshots the computer lost the trust to the domain

Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (500) the two corrupt XML files found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\LS\conf.

Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (-25) Appropriate licenses for XenApp edition (Advanced, Enterprise, or Platinum) are installed

This computer can't connect to the remote computer - Resolution with screenshots It is recommended to install Essentials Experience on a dedicated server.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials RWA is turned off - Resolution with screenshots You need to configure Essentials first.

Organization reject your message with error 550 5.1.1 They need to login Symantec cloud to add the recipient name and add the remote mail server name.

Error of activating Windows: 0xC004F074 he should use MAK key instead of KMS key.

Outlook has stopped working Repair Outlook by going to Control Panel>add/remove programs.

Windows 2012 is doesn't publish RemoteApp via MSI Windows 2012 R2 is no longer possible to publish RemoteApp programs via MSI

Installer encountered an error: 0x80070003 - Resolution with screenshots Copy the update file to a local drive and then install it.

Outlook is running slow It could be 3rd party software.

Hyper-V Boot Failed: EFT SCSI Device - Resolution with screenshots If you chose the Gen 2 VM for Windows 7, you will receive this message.

Hyper-V Boot Failed: Failed Secure Boot Verification - Resolution with screenshots Gen 2 VM only supports Win8/Win2012 or greater.

VPN error 812 on Windows 2012 R2 - Resolution with screenshots This is NPS issue.

Why does nslookup show - Resolution with screenshots Reverse Lookup Zones miss 19.16.172-add.arpa

Can't migrate mailbox from Exchange 2007 to 2013 The Mailbox database "2 GB Mailbox Database" is not the same version as the cmdlet

Outlook 2007 can't connect to Exchange 2013 on XP - Resolution with screenshots  If Outlook 2007 is running on Windows XP, it is authentication issue.

Troubleshooting SonicWall Wi-Fi Issue remotely - Resolution with screenshots  you may see No Entries like this one.

Disk2vhd Error: snapshotting volume MS VM Converter can't contact Window2s 2012 R2

Windows 2003 as VM on VMware doesn't sync the time we suggest you disable VMWare time synchronization

Terminal server Log on to is blank In multi domain environment, a common mistake of users is to log into different domain then there native domain.

Connect button is missing in RWA after upgrading IE to 11 Place the site in compatibility mode

Network issues after reboot ForeFront TMG server - Resolution with screenshots To do that , navigate to Forefront TMG>Monitoring>services.

EBS Computers show offline, but they are not Run the following command to make an exclusion for this port:

Unable to install DPM because report configuration failed Delete the SQL Encryption key using SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager

DPM cannot connect to the Service Control Manager (SCM) Run the Setup with local administrator account

VM on Hyper-V runs very slow it is VMQ.

Windows 7 Issues
This is the collections of Windows 7 VPN issues, Windows 7 network issues, Windows 7 sharing issues and remote access issues.

Vista Issues - Vista SP1 Issue and Troubleshooting Collections:
Vista Blue Screen;
Domain Issues; Incompatible issues; Internet Issues; Local Only; Network Issues; Print Issues; Remote Access Issues; Sharing Issues; Slow Issues; TCP/IP Issues; Unidentified Network; VPN Issues; Vista Errors; Wireless Issues; Vista How to

Troubleshooting Windows server 2008: Windows Cluster and HPC Issues; DFS Issue; Hyper-V Issues Server 2008 Randomly Crashing; Unable to see Win 2008 server via My Network Places; Windows 2008 restarts unexpectedly with error 0x000000BE; Windows 2008 How to

Top 5 Network, VPN, Remote Access Issues...

Top 5 VPN Issues and More
Browsing over VPN Issue; VPN Name Resolution Issue; VPN Routing Issue; VPN Slow Issue; VPN Solutions

Top 5 VPN/RAS Error Codes and More
VPN Error 629 The port was disconnected by the remote machine; VPN Error 678 There was not answer; VPN Error 721 Remote PPP peer or computer is not responding; VPN Error 733 PPP protocol ... is not available; VPN Error 800 Unable to establish the VPN connection

Top 5 Network Issues and More
Computer/Master Browser issue; Access Error ...is not accessible; Connection Errors; "Network path not found" Error; Mapping Issue

Top 5 System Error Codes and More
System error  5 - Access is denied
System error 53 - The network path was not found
System error 85 - The local device name is already in use
System error 1231 - The network location cannot be reached
System error 6118 - The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available

Top 5 Windows Event IDs and More
Event ID 1054 Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name
Event ID 1218 You do not have access to logon to this Session

Event ID 1311 There are currently no logon servers available
Event ID 2011 Not enough server storage is available
Event ID 5719
The system cannot log you on now

Top 5 TS/RDC Issues and More
The client could not connect to the Terminal server. The server may be too busy. Please try connecting later
The license will be expired in x days message even you had the license installed
You must be granted the allow log on through terminal services
Connectivity to the remote computer could not be established
The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively

 Top 5 TS Licensing Issues and More
Windows cannot connect to a licensing server
TS license Error message 0x13A7, or 0x1391. 0x13A4, 0xFA1
The TS limits two connections even the TS licensing server has been installed
No Terminal Services licensing server is available in the current domain or workgroup"
Cannot find TS licensing server

Top 5 IE issues and More

Problems to access some secure Web sites; Internet Intermittently stops working; Internet dies randomly...

Top Network and VPN Issues:
VPN Error 721 Collections
VPN Error 800 Collections
Ports for windows file sharing
Computer Browsing over WAN
Can't ping remote computers except the VPN Server
Access denied when accessing a remote workstations from VPN client

Top 10 Group Policy Troubleshooting:
Troubleshooting Group Policy using Event Logs in Vista; Group Policy; Group Policy doesn't apply or take long time to update

Network troubleshooting:
The logon method is not allowed
Multihomed Issues; ISA Troubleshooting; RRAS Troubleshooting; Microsoft SharePoint Issues; Exchange 2007 Troubleshooting: IAS related Event IDs and Reason Codes TS or RDC client receive blue screen when logon; TS & RDC Printing issues; Connectivity issue after enabling Windows VPN; The drive could not be mapped because no network was found; Solution for Peer to Peer VPN using the same IP range; Troubleshooting Black Screen; Troubleshooting SBS issues using CEICW; No icons show on the Desktop; Network slow Issues; Barracuda Backup Issues

SP Issues:
XP SP3 Issues; Windows Server 2003 SP2 Issues;
Vista SP1 Issue and Troubleshooting Collections;

Other Issues
Barracuda Backup Issues; EqualLogic Issues; Fluke Issues;  GFI Issues;  Gmail issues; iSCSI Issue; Microsoft VMM Issues; McAfee Issues; Microsoft CRM Issue; Office Project Issues Pano How to; Peplink Issues; phpBB Issues; Symantec and Norton network issues; Is it possible I get virus from a web site; WINS Issues; DFS Issues; Veeam Issues; VMware Issue; VMware How to; Wyse Issues;

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